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Our passion: the success of our Customers  
To meet its market, any organization can only initiate a limited amount of resources, both human and financial. Too many initiatives are often implemented to solve a specific issue without contributing  significantly to:
  • The full satisfaction of customers of the company
  • The confidence and motivation of employees
  • An objective profit increase

Our goal is to enable our customers to become the best in their businesses by improving their service to market in a targeted way, ie optimizing critical resources, minimizing overall costs and ensuring lasting results. To achieve this, we consider the case in terms of senior management, integrating all aspects involved. We attach the greatest importance to the human component improvement projects because the process of globalization and the perception of insecurity which is commonly associated with it, have deeply undermined corporate patriotism. Confidence must be reinstated.

Waldner Consulting wants to promote the vision of a world that will take advantage of digital technologies to liberate the minds of employees. That is to conduct more productive process by implementing, processing and communicating information and knowledge.

Our analysis and advices are focused both on quick wins and profits on a sustainable basis. They are always based on facts and evidence according to rigorous methods. They lead to practical action plans, directly applicable, designed in close collaboration with teams from our customers and most importantly measurable in terms of P&L result…


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Modeling the human component in computer-based business simulations... Implementing ERP software is typically not an "in-house" skill, so even smaller projects are more cost effective if specialist ERP implementation consultants are employed. The length of time to implement an ERP system depends on the size of the business, the scope of the change and willingness of the customer to take ownership for the project. A small project (e.g., a company of less than 100 staff) may be planned and delivered within 3 months; however, a large, multi-site or multi-country implementation may take years... The Consulting team is typically responsible for your initial ERP implementation and subsequent delivery of work to tailor the system beyond "go live". Typically such tailoring includes additional product training; creation of process triggers and workflow; specialist advice to improve how the ERP is used in the business; system optimization; and assistance writing reports, complex data extracts or implementing Business Intelligence... Professional Experience (a sample of relevant experiences & skills) - Information Technology : Design, building, testing, & deployement of IT systems & organizations (Business administration systems e.g. finance, inventory, logistics,… & process control i.e. manufacturing real time systems), ERP System integration (mainframe COPICS, MAPICS,… Client/Server SAP R3, BAAN, PeopleSoft,…and web-based PeopleSoft V8 solutions), Integration of pan-companies IT systems, EDI,… web marketplaces conceptual design,… SCM tools implementation (i2 technologies, manugistics,…) Global Data-Center set-up, implementation and run. Worldwide service desk organization design, build and run. Companies : Carrefour, Dassault Systemes, Avions Hurel Dubois, Schlumberger, BMW, Usinor-Sacilor,… Business Process Re-engineering - Procurement & Accounting Shared Service organization design & deployement ... Cross-functional BPR design, deployment and roll-out in local and multi-national companies, Cost reduction programs, ... Activity Based Costing / Activity Based Management Program,… Companies : Peugeot, Electricité de France, GIAT Industries, Mölnlycke, Invacare, Saint Gobain, Danone,… Supply Chain & Integrated Logistics Collaborative Demand Planning, Supply Chain Planning, Logistics systems design, roll-out and management in MNCs, warehouse and manufacturing sites preliminary building studies, automated storing systems design,… « Just in Time » inter-companies system implementation,… Companies : Thomson Multimedia, Samas-Roneo, Peugeot, Mölnlycke, Danone, Invacare, Eridania Beghin Say,… Sales development Computer technology, entreprises solutions & ERP, management consulting, other high tech business (e.g. artificial intelligence),… Companies : Bull, CSC, Deloitte & Touche - Marketing & Strategy - Market opportunities, Product development, Business services development, … Companies : Thomson Multimedia, Peugeot, Electricité de France, Scetauroute,… Worldwide Business Transformation Program Manager with major MNCs (IT, web solutions, shared service centers, ERP, Global Data Centers set up & operations,...) CARREFOUR Thales Program, a billion FRF worldwide business transformation initiative… Carrefour Head Office (retail activity, 900 Hypermarkets, 9000 stores, 320,000 employes, 60 Billions USD sales). Thales Program Director, reporting to the Group CFOs (Company Number 2). Thales Program e.g. Carrefour worldwide finance transformation initiative encompassing accounting and « procure to pay » process re-engineering, Shared Services Organisation and Global Data Center, deployed over 26 countries. Program Key figures : 550 FTEs for a 2.5-year implementation. Thales Business Case at a glance : 1.7 Billion FRF investment, 220 MFRF on-going costs,achieved benefits : more than 1 Billion FRF/year, more than 2.2 Billion FRF value creation over 10 years (using 12% IRR)... The program targets have been fully achieved : full scope implemented, budget & dates respected 100%. Nombreux articles de presse dans le domaine de l’organisation industrielle, Supply Chain Management, Collaborative Demand Planning, e-BPO (e-Business Process Optimization),… Business Development. Strategic Management. Desarrollo de negocios. Management... Carrière - Fév 99 - Juin 2001 / Carrefour Direction Générale (distribution) - Directeur du Programme Thales – Paris / Aout 94 – Fév 99 / CSC Peat Marwick France (consulting) – Senior Partner en charge de l'activité Supply Chain Management & e-BPO – Paris / Fév 92 – Aout 94 / Ouroumoff Consultants (Leader Français du conseil en Logistique - 6 partners, 150 consultants) – Partner – Paris (Ouroumoff a été acquis par CSC en 1994) / Déc 90 – Fév 92 / Deloitte & Touche Consulting (management consulting) - Senior Manager en charge de l'activité Manufacturing & ERP – Paris / Jan 90 – Déc 90 / Sachem, un consortium Bull / Cap Sesa (première initiative mondiale dans le domaine de l'Intelligence Artificielle) – Directeur du Projet Sachem – Paris / Mai 86 – Jan 90 / Bull (IT hardware, software, solutions and services, including enterprise solutions) – Manufacturing ERP Consultant (2 years), then Mnftg & CIM department manager (management consulting) – Strasbourg, Paris universidad carlos III de madrid Harvard Business School - Plant Capabilities for Quick Response Manufacturing Externalisation, Shared Services Centers (centres de services partagés) : quelle organisation adopter ? Jean-Baptiste Waldner combines insight into information technology with a broad understanding of businesses that thrive on innovative program management. His expertise focuses on IT, ERP, Supply Chain and Finance Shared Services Centers. He has an 18 years IT and SCM leadership experience acquired within both Consulting Companies & operational positions with manufacturing, distribution and retails companies.